Terms & Conditions of Hire

Bookings are accepted on the understanding that the Hirer has read, understands and accepts the Terms and Conditions of Hire as set out below, and that payment of the deposit signifies such acceptance. By making a booking, the Hirer has entered into a binding contract with White Dub Weddings (the Company).

Making a Booking with us
  1. The Hirer is the person making the booking and is solely responsible for said booking.
  2. The booking price is the price quoted once a route and all requirements have been agreed between White Dub Weddings and the Hirer. White Dub Weddings reserves the right to make changes to the original quotation should the need for additional services or items be requested prior to the hire period.
  3. Bookings are valid upon receipt of a completed and signed booking form/terms & conditions, and a non-refundable deposit of £100.
  4. The final outstanding balance shall be paid 4 weeks prior to the date of the wedding or other event.
  5. Should a booking be made within 4 weeks (28 days) of the booked event date then immediate full payment of the booking value with be required to secure the booking.
  6. If the final outstanding balance is unpaid by the due date White Dub Weddings reserves the right to accept an alternative booking.
  7. Payment can be made in cash (in person only) or by bank transfer. We do not accept cheques.
  8. Bookings for journeys that exceed a 40 mile round trip from our base in Broadstone, Dorset will incur extra mileage charges. Extra mileage is charged at £1 per mile and is calculated using the AA Route Planner. The journey price will be included in the quotation.
  9. Once a booking is confirmed the original price quoted will change only should the Hirer make an alteration to the hire package agreed, such as changes involving additional mileage.
  10. Any alterations to the dressing of the vehicle may also incur additional charges, and final requirements should be notified in writing to White Dub Weddings at least 4 weeks prior to the booked event.
  11. White Dub Weddings reserve the right to refuse a booking, and to refuse entry to the vehicle by any person(s) they deem unfit for whatever reason, and can refuse to continue the journey if any person(s) behave in a manner which may be considered detrimental to any other person or the vehicle and its contents. In this event, no refund of monies will be made.
  12. White Dub Weddings cannot accept responsibility for circumstances that are out of the Company’s control, such as weather conditions, traffic congestion or acts by other persons or organisations that may impact on the hire period.
  1. In the event of a booking cancellation by the Hirer, the deposit will be forfeited. For cancellations made within 4 weeks of the date of the hire period, the full amount will be payable.
  2. In the unlikely event that White Dub Weddings must cancel a booking due to mechanical, electrical or material breakdown or accidental vehicle damage the Company will refund the Hirer all monies paid (including deposit). The deposit is otherwise non-refundable.
The Vehicle
  1. Whilst every effort is afforded to maintain the serviceability of the vehicle no responsibility whatsoever can be accepted for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown.
  2. In the unlikely event of the mechanical, electrical or material breakdown of the vehicle during the hire period every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle, or the hiring party will be transferred to another vehicle(s) so that the journey can continue. Any reasonable extra cost incurred will be borne by White Dub Weddings or a refund given. In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle prior to the date of the booking, every effort will be made to supply an alternative vehicle(s) at the Company’s discretion. If this is not acceptable to the Hirer a refund will be made of monies paid. No responsibility will be accepted for missed connections and/or functions howsoever caused.
  3. Due to the age and nature of the vehicle, seat belts are not fitted in the rear seats. We do not permit children under the age of three years to travel in the vehicle. The Company/driver cannot accept responsibility for other children under 16 years travelling in the vehicle. The responsibility for these persons lies solely with the responsible adult accompanying them, as is their behaviour and the use and fitting of safety equipment.
  4. No smoking is permitted in the vehicle at any time.
  5. The Hirer shall be fully liable for any damage caused to the inside and/or the outside of the vehicle by either themselves or by any other member of their party howsoever caused. The Hirer will agree to be liable for the total cost of the repair and White Dub Weddings will determine the location of the repair. The Hirer shall be liable to pay White Dub Weddings a fixed daily rate (to be determined by the Company) for the period the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs, plus any further incurred losses such as lost bookings.
  6. The driver can refuse at any time to position or drive the vehicle into an environment that he/she feels may damage the vehicle. For example, on to a beach or field, into flood, mud or snow, or amongst trees.
  7. The Company will impose a £100.00 valeting charge should the vehicle(s) be spoilt through the misuse of food or drink, or due to illness.
  8. White Dub Weddings cannot accept responsibility for personal possessions left in the vehicle at any time. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all personal possessions are removed from the vehicle at the end of the hire period.